April 23, 2017


Without End description : ‘Without End’ is a trio dance/acrobatic performance, exploring the concept of time and erosion.

“Endlessly repairing, restoring, preserving, we are part of a constant battle against the erosion of time. Our cities, our coastline, our bodies are constantly changing in time; that what we perceive to be ‘permanent’ is often worn away or forgotten into an ever expanding history. Can anything last forever?”

Constantly rotating, the 3 performers shift through a constantly transforming series of human structures, crumbling back into the ground like the crumbling cliff faces of the coastline, the gradually decaying architecture in cities and towns or the constant fight to preserve ancient monuments and archeological sites.

Choreographer | Anthony Middleton

Dancers | Isabel Slingerland, Tom Tindall & Anthony Middleton

Music | Jered Sorkin